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    Meet the Visionary Founders Behind Midlands-Living

    At Midland Livings Ltd, we believe that every adult and family in the country has the right to good quality housing and a place to call home. Our mission is to provide the people we house with the right kind of support and accommodation they need to feel safe and secure – a home where they can live as independently as possible in a safe and supportive environment

    Our Mission

    We are extremely passionate about our mission. We firmly believe that commitment, drive, and enthusiasm are essential qualities to achieving our goals of quality service, growth and long-term success. We are fully committed to providing the vulnerable adults we support with a home, a future and a purpose to move on and live independently.

    The happiness and wellbeing of our residents is very important to us. We are committed to providing the vulnerable people we support with the highest quality of support and the best standard of accommodation possible

    Our Vision

    Our Commitment
    timely food and medicine

    General Engagement with Tenants

    At Midlands-living, we prioritize fostering meaningful and inclusive engagement with our tenants. We believe that building strong relationships and


    Training for Independent Life

    Midlands-living is committed to empowering individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge for independent living through our Training for


    Anxiety & Depression Care

    Midlands-living is dedicated to providing compassionate and comprehensive care for individuals facing anxiety and depression. Our Anxiety & Depression


    Domestic Abuse Support

    Midlands-living is committed to providing comprehensive support to individuals affected by domestic abuse. Our Domestic Abuse Support program offers


    Our Properties & how they look like

    Midlands-living offers a diverse range of properties tailored to meet the needs of our tenants. From cozy apartments to spacious houses, our accommodations are designed to provide comfort and functionality. Each property is thoughtfully furnished, featuring well-appointed bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and inviting communal spaces. Our properties are located in vibrant neighborhoods with easy access to amenities, transportation, and community resources.

    Friendly companionship
    Engagement with tenants
    client satisfaction rate


    Cities served

    Midlands-living providing quality housing and support across 20+ cities.



    Support workers

    Dedicated team 200+ support workers committed to caring for you.



    support hours

    Unwavering commitment 1200+ support hours per week for our clients.



    happy Clients

    Over 20,000 happy clients experiencing quality housing and support.


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    How can I apply for accommodation at Midlands-living?

    To apply for accommodation at Midlands-living, simply visit our website or contact our office for assistance. Our team will guide you through the application process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. We consider your needs and preferences to find suitable accommodation and provide support along the way.

    What support services are available to tenants at Midlands-living?

    At Midlands-living, we offer a range of support services to our tenants. These services include 24/7 on-call support, dedicated support workers, counseling and mental health services, life skills training, community engagement activities, and access to local resources and referrals. We are committed to providing comprehensive support that promotes well-being, independence, and a sense of belonging for all our tenants.

    What amenities are included in the accommodation at Midlands-living?

    At Midlands-living, we prioritize providing comfortable and well-equipped accommodations for our tenants. Our amenities may vary depending on the specific property, but generally include essentials such as fully furnished rooms, communal spaces, kitchen facilities, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi access, and security measures. Additionally, some of our properties may offer additional amenities like outdoor spaces, recreational areas, and parking facilities. We strive to create a supportive and comfortable living environment for our tenants, ensuring their well-being and satisfaction.

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    I assisted three residents with trained experience in security to obtaining part-time security employment at the property.

    Support Worker

    Abdul Falomo

    I have always been drawn to working with refugee tenants, especially those who have fled their home country due to life-threatening circumstances, because they have lost everything they have built in their country and must start over in a new place, like a new-born baby.

    Support Worker

    Soulmaz Mosavi

    A number of my tenants were signposted to a previously held career fair in Erdington, which resulted in some of them obtaining  temporary employment as casual workers and part-time salespeople.

    Support Worker


    I provided the opportunity for one of our female tenants, who already have domestic cleaning skills and experience, to obtain a part-time employment as a weekend housekeeper at one of our properties

    Support Worker


    Support Worker

    Abdul Falomo

    Support Worker

    Soulmaz Mosavi

    Support Worker


    Support Worker



    Midlands-living is proud to partner with reputable brands in our mission to provide exceptional services and support to our tenants. Our brand partners share our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Through these collaborations, we are able to enhance the overall living experience for our tenants by offering access to exclusive discounts, specialized services, and additional resources. By aligning with trusted brands, we aim to create a network of support and opportunities that contribute to the well-being and happiness of our residents.


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